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Results NOT Awards. That’s the heart and soul of who we are, what we stand for, and what we stand against.

Our passion is delivering results. This is represented in everything from our core values, to our name, to our design philosophy.

Here are a few ways our clients describe Ugly Mug Marketing: Anti-Corporate. Slightly Rebellious. Fun. A Little Hipster. Quirky.

We are less about a particular style, and more about a story, Your story. Not the story you tell yourself, but the story your customers and prospects believe about your brand.

When you change that story, you change the results you get. Reach out and we’ll help change your story.

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We are always thinking,
always creating,
always engaging.
We are Ugly Mug Marketing

Say What

  • "If you are looking for design or development services, Ugly Mug Marketing is a great solution. Wayne and his team are honest, fair, and reasonably priced. Best of all, they deliver the work on time."

    - Neil Patel
    Named one of the top influencers on the web by the Wall Street Journal
  • "Ugly Mug Marketing knows marketing and the internet tools needed to make it work. I contacted them to figure out a few things because I am a stubborn "do-it-yourself" type. The time and effort they saved me was enormous. They really know how to save entrepreneurs money so they can get on with the business of what they do."

    - Chris Voss
    Former Lead International Negotiator for the FBI & Best-Selling Author
  • "The hands on professional and personal touch far exceeded any and all of our expectations! I would highly recommend Ugly Mug marketing without reservation, the team did a fantastic job our website and we continue to receive compliments on the design and ease of use. Thank ya'll for being an outstanding business right here in the heart of Cenla."

    - Aaron Hankins

  • "Ugly Mug Marketing provided a customized design concept that transitions seamlessly beyond our website. It is a pleasure to work with such a creative, responsive team so committed to client satisfaction."

    - Heather Mathews

  • "We had an extremely positive experience working with Ugly Mug Marketing. I have already recommended Ugly Mug Marketing to several others. I am not interested in working with or hearing about any other website development company."

    - Sam Gassiott

  • "“Everyone was very responsive and helpful when we had questions.  The process moved and your team was understanding with our staffing challenges. A great benefit outside of a fantastic website, was working with a team of professionals who are customer service oriented.”

    - Mary Ann Clary
    Central Louisiana Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • "Ugly Mug are wonderful to work with and very competent in marketing. Two highlights are their creativity and their commitment to make your marketing pieces excellent"

    - Dustin McDavid

  • "Their willingness to help if something wasn't working out quite right, and how available they were to answer calls and emails.”"

    - Renee Hicks

  • "Ugly Mug Marketing uses superior research skills to develop techniques which capture their customer's market share, while diligently utilizing quality and creativity in their pursuit of excellence. Ugly Mug Marketing hears the “voice” of the customer clearly. They are a pleasure to work with as a team and their productivity is significant to their customer service and success!"

    - James Hardin

  • "I just had a customer call and tell me that they couldn’t make a purchase (that it must have timed out or something), so I was able to go on the admin panel and send her order through. She was in the abandoned cart section and I was able to do it (even with my little brain power!) This is proof that what you built is dummy proof and works great! YOU ROCK!"

    - Wesley Watkins

  • "I will highly recommend Ugly Mug Marketing to others! They were patient, creative, and professional."

    - William Kevin Petty

  • "In thirty minutes (that felt like 30 seconds), they gave me so much valuable feedback and suggestions about optimizing www.cleanavenue.net that I would have gladly left a large tip if we were meeting in person. I've paid for less valuable information, and I appreciate their expertise and generosity. I look forward to doing business with Ugly Mug Marketing."

    - Allen Topher

  • "The level of customer support that they provide is wonderful! Quick to respond to questions and very quick to fix problems with our website."

    - Mark Jones

  • "Talk is cheap, but Ugly Mug Marketing's work with us speak volumes about their talent and work ethic."

    - Gregg Trusty

  • "They are personable people and HONEST! Good work ethics and always looking for the best for the customer."

    - Lance Lopez
  • "Working with Ugly Mug Marketing was a great experience. Their knowledge, website design, and marketing is like no other company I have seen. I would recommend Ugly Mug Marketing to anyone who is interested in growing their business through the use of a comprehensive marketing campaign that’s ‘out of the box’."

    - Jason Hawk

  • "The Ugly Mug Marketing team is a tenacious bunch of thinkers, doers, and feelers. They come prepared after hours of research with a keen understanding of your market and successful market penetration – then they create. Objective market research, a lot of creativity and the professionalism to expedite your vision is a great recipe for success – we heartily recommend Ugly Mug Marketing."

    - Aaron Slayter

  • "I was very impressed with Ugly Mug Marketing. They went above and beyond with our project. Shooting our promotional video was a little intimidating in the beginning, but Ugly Mug Marketing was patient and organized. The end product is outstanding! We will definitely be referring Ugly Mug Marketing."

    - John Harley

  • "I believe that Ugly Mug Marketing is everything that a marketing company should be: creative, responsive, expert, and professional. I really appreciate the creative give-and-take of ideas. We had a vision and they had the technical expertise to make it happen. We ended up with a much more attractive and effective website. We can now proudly direct potential friends to our website and they can interact with us in ways beyond just obtaining information (buying tickets, getting directions, leaving feedback, etc)."

    - Josh Zona

  • "Great service and attention to time and communication during the process. I feel as if needs were met and surpassed. I continue to receive great compliments on our website, Ugly Mug Marketing really made the difference. I feel empowered to use the website as a tool and Ugly Mug Marketing took the fear factor out of website design and usage."

    - Clifton Spikes

  • "Within 3 months of its implementation, I was able to see measurable results. I felt Ugly Mug Marketing listened very well to what I wanted to accomplish, and put together effective systems. I can see and measure the results. Also, the systems we put in place are easy to “tweak” as the market and economy changes, giving me the flexibility I need as a small business owner."

    - Jim White

  • "Ugly Mug Marketing was very professional! If I had to do it again Ugly Mug Marketing would be my first choice. I would definitely recommend Ugly Mug Marketing."

    - Fannie Gordon

  • "Ugly Mug Marketing made me feel at ease. They are a very professional company that does exceptional and quality work. They were always prompt. When they promised you a mock-up or needed to follow up, they were on schedule. I am very pleased with what they have done."

    - Bernadette Baker

  • "Ugly Mug Marketing is a very efficient organization. They provided great attention to details, and a very thorough understanding of our needs. Our new website is very user friendly, and makes it easy for us to keep it updated"

    - Sharon Thornton

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