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  • - Celebrity Publicist Michael Levine
    After having worked with 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Winners, and 43 N.Y. Times Bestselling Authors, here's why Michael Chose Ugly Mug Marketing
  • - Wellspring Advisor Group
    John Carroll shares his experience working with Ugly Mug Marketing
  • - Bassam Tarazi
    Co-founder of The Ignition Labs talks about Ugly Mug Marketing
  • - Margaret Van Ackeren
    Describes her Ugly Mug Marketing experience
  • - Best-Selling Author Cameron Herold
    Talks about his experience
  • - Pastor Dustin McDavid
    Discusses why those chose Ugly Mug Marketing for their new logo
  • - Gary Perkins - CLEDA Entrepreneurial Initiative
    Working with Ugly Mug Marketing is an investment with positive ROI
  • - The Trish Leleux Group
    Trish explains how we helped bring her vision to life
  • - CLEDA VP Rick Ranson
    Explains why they choose Ugly Mug Marketing
  • - Courtney Landry Launched a new business
    And shares why they chose Ugly Mug Marketing
  • - John Cotton Dean
    Wanted to grow something special with Ugly Mug Marketing's help
  • - Joshua Zona of Rapides Symphony Orchestra
    Shares why they love working with Ugly Mug Marketing
  • - Lindsey Torbett of Torbett Financial Strategies
    Explains what makes Ugly Mug Marketing different

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