Hiring through difficult times

Hiring during tough times

With everything going on we know hiring good employees is a struggle, but not everything is out of your control.

Have you ever thought maybe part of the reason you aren’t getting many applicants is that your online presence is lacking? Sure, maybe you have a website, but does it portray your business the way you want it to?

We chose Guillory Petroleum Transport to be our Website of the Week, and hiring drivers is the problem they were facing. They had an outdated website that did not reflect who they are as a company. You may wonder what an outdated website has to do with hiring trouble, but think about this…

You hear from a friend that “ABC Company” is hiring, so you do a quick Google search but you can’t find any information about them! This immediately makes you wonder if it’s even worth applying to the company. You know nothing about their history, culture, or even what they do exactly.

You go to an outdated website, you see that the company is hiring, but all you see is a PDF version of a paper application. You don’t have a clue where to send it, and you don’t even have a printer to be able to fill it out. Oh, AND you would have to go to the post office and buy a stamp to send it back to the company.

Potential employees like to easily find information online and they love convenience. Do you offer this to the people applying to work with you? You can!

Listen to our conversation with Kaitlyn at GP Transport to hear how their new website is being used to attract employees.

If you think it’s time for a website upgrade, you can contact Dan at 318-290-3430 or dan@uglymugmarketing.com!

Check out the new Guillory Petroleum Transport website here https://www.guillorytransport.com.

Talk soon!
-Maura and Mallori