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Nonprofit Websites

Non-profit Custom Websites

Custom-built websites are not just for large, for-profit companies.  Non-profit’s websites should be a tool for them as well and often the custom-built website can directly impact specific goals.
This past week we got to chat with our friends over at Serving Grace!  Watch the video below to see how that conversation went.
Serving Grace is a new non-profit in Central Louisiana with the goal of helping people with literacy in all areas of life whether that be financial literacy, academic literacy, or anything in between.
As a brand new non-profit, Serving Grace decided they needed a website to get more information + their mission out to the public. Now, they have a place for people to learn exactly what they do! Plus, they can have people join their programs directly from the website and sign up to volunteer.
Can you imagine how much easier it is for Serving Grace to get people to sign up for their programs and volunteer now that they have a place to direct them to? We believe it is important for all non-profit and for-profit businesses to have a website for this reason.
Whatever kind of business you have, we can help make your life easier too. Let’s get your information out into the world!
Give us a call today at 318-290-3430 to find out what we can do for your business.
Talk soon
– Maura and Mallori