New Name -- New Website
New Name -- New Website

New Name – – New Website

Changing your companies name means updating your branding to fully encompass the “new you” and making sure your branding is consistent.

“What’s in a name…”
To Allegiant (previously known as Trinity Health Consulting), ALOT!!
The founder, Jessica said of the name change: “In a short time, our company experienced substantial growth, and with this growth, I recognized the need for a brand that clearly defines who we are to our clients, potential clients, and community.” 
The heart of the new name and branding was incredibly important to the Allegiant team, and that determined how the new logo and website were created. 
Knowing the WHY behind what you do is extremely important and acting on that WHY is even more so.
Allegiant’s WHY: Cancer data is crucial but understanding the story behind the data improves patient care and that is the heart of ALLEGIANT.


The new website needed to portray the client’s heart and that vision was completed through a website that was easy to use.  A clean design allows providers to focus on improving patient care and the individual person rather than worrying about the data.  That can be left to Allegiant to handle!
Check out the conversation we had this week with Allegiant!
Allegiant had a vision of what their website would look like.  We were able to work together to make that vision a reality. That’s one of our favorite parts about developing websites…the collaboration. It’s so much fun to watch our clients’ vision come to life!
Now, they have a place for potential clients to learn about their services and users can even request a consultation online! How awesome is that?
Go check out the new Allegiant website! >>>