Is your website wasting your money?

Is your website WASTING your money?

I guess the better question is — Is your website making you money? 💰

If you answered “no” or “I’m not sure” then you should definitely keep scrolling!

Read more below or tune into our conversation with Megan Deterling, founder of Kudos from yesterday!


Kudos came to us last year with 2 things…

  1. The brand personality wasn’t clearly shown on the website
  2. The conversion of sales from the site wasn’t working seamlessly

Kudos offers Continuing Education courses for Texas cosmetologists and estheticians looking to renew their license in addition to non-CE courses that can help professionals develop their skills. The courses are both fun and engaging – much different than the stale and boring CE courses offered through the state. Kudos takes pride in providing “edutainment” for their customers.  It was imperative that the website conveyed that personality to anyone who visited it.On the previous Kudos website, there were several steps for customers to take in order to make a purchase. In order to make more sales, they knew they needed a seamless system to convert browsers into buyers.

Having a website ready to convert prospects into customers is important for any business owner. But, it is especially important for an e-commerce company like Kudos that has no brick and mortar. They rely solely on their website to bring in the $$$.

Want to see their new website?  Go check it out!

Here is what we’d like you to think about after eavesdropping in on our conversation with Megan — Is your website ready to convert BROWSERS into BUYERS?

Is your website making you money?

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– Maura and Mallori