Is it time to fire your website?

Is it time to fire your website? 

This past year, many of our clients and their businesses both locally and nationally have struggled with hiring and keeping good employees.   We totally get it! 

All of the changes in the past couple of years and today’s economic climate have greatly affected this.   


Yes, This is difficult.

No, your hands are NOT tied! 


You have a tool, your website, that can be used to help hire. 

Listen in to the chat that Mallori and I had about 4 specific things your website must have to hire effectively. 


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If you’d rather read instead of watching the video, I’m including my notes below for reference.   

There are 4 things that your website must have in order to effectively 

Number 1: Apply Call To Action

Without a place on your website to point people to where they need to apply, how are you going to quickly and easily capture their attention and information?

Some key places to have this Call to Action link or button would be in the navigation bar in the header or the footer, a pop-up that shows up on your website, or even by dedicating an entire section on the homepage to showcase your application or hiring needs. 

Number 2: Have a Modern/Updated Design

When someone comes to your website they determine how they feel about your company within seconds simply by the feel they get when they come to your website.   

Your design needs to be updated and look professional.  If this is your first impression of your potential hires, what are you portraying to them on how your company is run?   Your business information needs to be current as well.  Make sure your dates are correct and any content describing employees, positions available, or even 

Number 3: Job Position Information

So not only does your company information need to be updated, but you need to have job position information that is clear, and straight to the point.  

When someone is coming to your website to apply, they want to see very quickly if they would even like to apply.  So make sure expectations for the role are stated in a way that makes sense and is easy to read through. 

Number 4: Application Form and Instructions

All of the past 3 items would be pointless if there is no way for the interested person to follow through with the application. 

Your website must include at the minimum instructions on how the person can apply, but in a perfect world, it would include an application that can be quickly filled out directly on your website. 


Some of these 4 things are going to be more difficult to change, but don’t let that determine what you accomplish.  It is important to have ALL 4 so that your process for hiring, both for you and your potential hire, is a smooth and effective process. 

Don’t let it be time to fire your website – use it!


Check out our hiring process on our careers page for inspiration.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help your company hire well!   


4 steps to use your website to hire


Keep working hard!! 

– Maura