podcast roundup

Podcast Roundup – Pt. 1

Today we are giving YOU, our favorite Ugly Muggers, our podcast roundup!


Here at Ugly Mug Marketing, we love a good podcast! Not only do we feel that it’s important to lead ourselves through learning from others, but they’re really interesting!


Here are 3 episode recommendations from our team members!

Mallori’s Pick Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

“Craig’s podcast is a good mix of solo “teaching-style” podcasts and chats with other leaders, and I really enjoy both styles. My favorite thing about his podcast is that he always makes sure you know exactly how to apply what he talks about, whether it’s in your organization or personal life. He is super relatable, too!”

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Hannah’s Pick Tough Skin Tough Heart by Shannon Cohen

“I love this podcast because it always encourages me to be a better leader! I usually listen to it while I’m walking home from work and I’m unwinding/processing the day. It’s the perfect length of time too – usually under 20 mins. I really love having this as my “me time” to reset and have someone speak some TRUTH over my life and hype me up as I look into the future! While the podcast is listed as a “business podcast”, I think a lot of what Shannon shares can be applicable to our personal lives too. Solid 5/5 podcast!”

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Hanna’s Pick How I Built This with Guy Raz

“In this podcast Guy interviews successful business owners about how they built their business. I love this podcast because it proves there is not just one path to success. It also shows that success is often a tumultuous path with unexpected ups and downs all along the way. The episode where he interviews Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx, is my favorite episode. They talk about how failures are inevitable on the path to victory… it’s all about how you deal with them that sets you apart!”

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Check them out and let us know what your favorite podcasts are in the comments below!   We love a good recommendation! 

Stay tuned for the next podcast roundup!!