Book Review: The Self-Aware Leader

Learning at Ugly Mug marketing is something we take very seriously and there are so many things that we could share with you…so this month we are going to start a new series where one of our team members give you an inside look to one of the books they’ve enjoyed reading starting with a book review on The Self-Aware Leader.


Mallori, our website coordinator, recently completed the book The Self Aware Leader by John C. Maxwell. Check out her thoughts, and key takeaways, and get an inside look at this leadership must-read. 

self aware leader


If you could sum up this book in 5 or fewer sentences, what would you say? 

📚 Reading this book felt like getting good advice from a wise family member or friend. The subtitle sums up the content well – play to your strengths and unleash your team. John Maxwell does a great job of explaining why being self-aware is SO important in leadership. We can’t perform our best individually or as a team without knowing our strengths and weaknesses, and we should use that knowledge to our advantage. 


What did you learn from this book?

📚Honestly so much! This is a great book to read cover to cover, but I can also see myself referencing individual chapters again in the future. The one thing that stood out most to me was that we should search for our strengths, develop them, and recruit and develop others to compensate for our weaknesses. 


What kind of reader would like this? What would they want to learn about?

📚Anyone who wants good, relatable leadership advice would enjoy this book. Each chapter is like a new lesson. With each piece of advice, John Maxwell tells you where and how he learned that lesson himself. This shows the importance of always learning from those around you.


What is your favorite quote from the book?

📚This is a tough one since I underlined SO MANY great things! Hmm…

“Good people are good because they have come to wisdom through failure. We get very little wisdom from success. People in leadership need to take their cue from scientists. In science, mistakes always precede discovery of truth.”


What star rating would you give this book? (1-5) Would you recommend it?

📚 I’m going to go with 5 stars, because I have nothing bad to say! Highly recommend it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



If you want to get a copy for yourself click here. 📚 If you enjoyed this book review on The Self-Aware Leader stay tuned for more to come!