Podcast Roundup - Special Edition
Podcast Roundup - Special Edition

Podcast Roundup – Special Edition

Today we are giving YOU, a very special Podcast Roundup – Special Edition!


Here at Ugly Mug Marketing, we love a good podcast!  Recently we’ve been sharing some of our favorite podcasts in a roundup from a couple of our team members, but today we are only sharing 1.

But this one is a special roundup!

This is a podcast that our very own Hannah Balliet was on!   A little bit ago, Hannah was able to join Kellen Kautzman on his podcast Send it Rising.

🔉 Listen to the Podcast Here 🔉


We asked Hannah a couple of questions about when she does podcasts and you can see her answers below.


What is your favorite part about doing podcasts?

  • I love meeting new people and deep-diving into social media marketing! Usually, when I’m on a podcast, we end up talking about challenges the podcast host is having and then walk through some different ways to solve that problem.
  • For example, in this episode of Send it Rising with Kellen, we talk about how he’s building a following on TikTok and how he is working to mix in marketing content so that these new followers could become customers. I share my thoughts on why his approach and what he is doing is SO valuable because it is taking people through Natural Progression.

Why do you like podcasts in general?

  • Podcasts are a great way to feel like you’re eavesdropping on conversations with the experts of the world! I LOVE listening in on podcasts like Lead to Win by Michael Hyatt and Token CEO with Erika Nardi.
  • Being a guest is something new for me. I enjoy getting to share my knowledge with others and empower them to take their company or organization to the next level. I truly feel like I’m helping those who listen!

Check out Hannah in the podcast and stay turned on Facebook for when she is in different podcasts! 

Thanks for checking out our Podcast Roundup – Special Edition!!   Stay tuned for the next podcast roundup!!