Book Review: Know What You're FOR
Book Review: Know What You're FOR

Book Review: Know What You’re FOR

Learning at Ugly Mug marketing is something we take very seriously and there are so many things that we could share with you…so for this month, we are going to get Hannah’s thoughts with a book review on the book “Know What You’re FOR” by Jeff Henderson.



If you could sum up this book in 5 or fewer sentences, what would you say? 

📚 Know What You’re FOR is a refreshing perspective on marketing + culture for businesses. It forces us to focus on the people that allow our company to flourish, rather than our products. As amazing as your product may be, your company wouldn’t grow without loyal customers or employees. So how do we let them know we’re FOR them? We care about them as customers/employees, but as people too? How do we become our customers/employees’ biggest fans? Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll have long-lasting customer relationships + loyal employees that will revolutionize your business!

What did you learn from this book?

📚 There are brands actively focusing on their PEOPLE over their product, right now. Some of them are brands I’m a huge fan of and never noticed just how they were making me FEEL when I interacted with them on social media.

For example, in the book Jeff outlines how the company Chubbies is thriving by showing their customers they are FOR them. My husband and I love the beach so everything about their brand and fun swimsuit prints speaks to us!

When you go to the chubbies, you’re going to see some fancy-pants-styled-shoot photos. But what you’re mostly going to see is REAL customer photos they use to sell their products. AND they even TAG them! Think about how special that makes these customers feel. But also, think about how relatable that makes their company to prospective customers.

Being genuinely FOR your people pays!

What kind of reader would like this?
📚 Someone who is interested in the people-side of marketing and running a biz.
What is your favorite quote from the book?
📚 “What do we want to be known FOR?  What are we known FOR?.. The first question is what we say; the second question is what customers say.”
What star rating would you give this book? (1-5) Would you recommend it?
📚 5 Stars – I wish everyone in biz would read this book! Jeff is a phenomenal author and leader that we can all learn from. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
If you want to get a copy for yourself click here. 📚 If you enjoyed this book review on Know What You’re FOR, stay tuned for more to come!
Happy Reading!