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U.L. Coleman Companies owns and operates a number of apartment complexes throughout Louisiana & Texas. They handle everything from construction to property management as well as leasing & brokerage. They came to Ugly Mug Marketing with a vision for their new property, Fern Crossing, located in Shreveport, LA.
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The goal for their marketing strategy at Fern Crossing was to accomplish two main objectives. First, to build the brand of Fern Crossing. Fern Crossing was replacing an old apartment complex with a poor reputation in the community. Second, and most important, was to then generate leads to fill all of their new units being constructed.
The Solution


We developed a marketing plan focused on utilizing Social Media and Pay-Per-Click tactics. 

The game plan early on for social media marketing was to hit that rebrand: focus on who UL Coleman was, their values, and how this new apartment complex would be something completely unique compared to what the public thought of the space prior. This was accomplished through engagement, traffic, and brand awareness campaigns.

The next step was to retarget folks who engaged with the content, clicked on our ads etc. with lead generation campaigns & traffic campaigns directing them to the application. In January of 2024, we generated 103 leads & 1,070 paid link clicks. These new leads were also nurtured through a 4 step email drip campaign, focused on different calls to action.

With the competitive nature of apartment buildings in their local area, Search, Display, and Remarketing campaigns are all being used to show up in Google searches.

When we started working with Fern Crossing, they were not utilizing Pay Per Click Ads, so we started by creating campaigns for them using the most relevant keywords.

Continual changes to the online search landscape means we need to be vigilant in our changes to both the positive and negative keywords as well as adjustments to the ad images, titles, and descriptions to make sure the ads are performing at their very best!

As construction continues, new units become available. But, as of today, we have helped fill over 75% of available units with leases averaging 12 months.