An average ranking of 7.5 and 14.5% Click Through Rate in 3 Months (organically) with a newly designed custom website.


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The guides and staff members at Full Strap & Stringer are avid outdoorsmen who have been guiding duck hunts in the Central Louisiana area, primarily on Historic Catahoula Lake, since the early 1970’s. They were founded on the ideals of providing a first-class waterfowl and angling experience to each visitor.
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Their old website was hard to navigate and didn’t reflect their brand or the remarkable services and experiences they provide. Developing a new user-friendly website would be integral to improving their online presence and attracting new customers.
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Our goal was twofold: to enhance their online presence and improve their website's performance metrics, including total clicks, total impressions, average CTR, and average position in search engine results. To achieve this, we focused on optimizing their website for better user experience and increased visibility. We revamped the site's design and content to make it more engaging and easier to navigate. Additionally, we implemented targeted digital marketing strategies across social media, search engines, and email platforms to attract more visitors and drive traffic to Full Strap and Stringer's website. Thanks to these efforts, Full Strap and Stringer has experienced significant growth in online engagement and bookings. More hunting enthusiasts are discovering their offerings and choosing to stay in their cozy cabins, resulting in a positive impact on their overall business performance. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to delivering effective digital solutions that drive tangible results for our clients.


Great company who’s main focus is getting you exactly what you want down to every detail in a very timely manner.
- Cody Shaw