Can you imagine going from ZERO to 551
potential applicants in just 31 days?
Here's how we helped Gilchrist Construction
Company dramatically increase their applicant pool!


Leads In 31 Days


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Beginning work in 1981 with less than 15 employees, Gilchrist Construction Company’s primary business was commercial site work and concrete construction such as foundations, sidewalks, and parking lots. During the mid-80’s, they expanded into subdivision streets and drainage and, in 1988, they ventured into the Louisiana highway market.

Gilchrist Construction is now proud to be one of Louisiana's top highway contractors!

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Gilchrist Construction Company seems to always be hiring. The construction industry requires man power, and a lot of it! With each new project, comes the need for new crews and more workers. Gilchrist posted open positions on their website and hosted job fairs, nevertheless, their hiring pool could not keep up with their demand for workers.
The Solution


We decided we would meet potential workers where they were: Facebook. We laid out copy that highlights the fantastic benefits that Gilchrist offers and put emphasis on the career growth and development opportunities that come when one works at Gilchrist.

From there, we created individual Lead Generation campaigns for each project and for positions that require more seasoned applicants. As we created campaigns, our biggest focus was targeting the correct audience. We considered the location of the job
and the potential interests of an individual seeking these types of positions.

In just 31 days, Gilchrist received 551 leads across 5 hiring campaigns. The 5 lead generation campaigns reached 45,696 individual Facebook accounts with an average cost per lead at $2.46! How's that for results?