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Sweet Baton Rouge's revenue from Pinterest has increased over 80% in less than 10 months.


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Sweet Baton Rouge® is a locally woman owned business and community driven, nestled in the Capital City currently in Mid City, that makes unique Louisiana lifestyle t-shirts and accessories that are locally designed and printed with comfort and quality in mind.  Here you’ll find apparel to wear so you can show your love for Louisiana wherever you geaux! 

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  • TIME: Between running multiple businesses and taking on the marketing for each, Sweet Baton Rouge's owner, Meredith, simply could not take on the task of building her brand for Sweet Baton Rouge on Pinterest.

  • RESULTS: She had her items set to automatically populate on Pinterest from Shopify, but there was no strategy or consistency.

  • KNOWLEDGE: Sure, the Sweet Baton Rouge team could have taken the time to learn about the Pinterest algorithm and how to run conversion ads for their products, but they needed an expert they could trust to do things right.

So what did we do? 
  • Consistently post fresh Sweet Baton Rouge pins to the page that are on trend, optimized, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Run conversion ads that speak to the Sweet BatonRouge audience.
The Solution


Increased revenue, increased web traffic, and increased brand awareness in just 10 months

  • Pinterest Revenue Increased by 81.8% in 10 Months
  • Over 42.7k Web Visitors From Pinterest
  • 1.47 MILLION Pinterest Impressions