Complexity is Good

Does your business feel complex or chaotic right now? 

If so, here’s why that’s a good thing. 

As you grow your business and the quicker you grow your business, you’re going to lean into chaos, into complexity. 

Those things aren’t necessarily bad things. They are byproducts of growth. 

You see, complexity is always a byproduct of growth, and if you grow fast enough, you’re gonna experience chaos, things are gonna be chaotic. 

Here’s what it actually looks like. 

So when things are super slow and they’re stagnant, right, there’s nothing taking place. 

As you’re growing a little bit, you can still control everything. You have order, you have everything under control. 

But then when you start succeeding, when you start getting more projects, things get more complex, things get busier.

If you grow super quick, you go into chaos. 

That’s okay. That’s natural. 

Your job is to grow here as quickly as you can, but then always return back to order. 

Get processes and systems in place so that you can continue moving this direction. But warning, don’t allow your systems and processes, the order, to make you stagnant.

You’ve got this. I know you can do it. 

Lean into the complexity, lean into the chaos. 

I’ll see you on the other side.

✌ ❤