When running a lead generation campaign, one important thing to consider is the length of the form being used to capture leads for your sales funnel.

You have the choice of either a short form or a long form. Both have benefits and drawbacks that you should consider when making the decision between the two.

Short Form
Contains up to 5 fields of information
Easy to complete in a short amount of time
Can collect minimum contact information
Limited room for qualifying questions

Long Form
Contains more more than 5 fields of information
Takes more time to complete, usually has more detailed questions
Can collect more detailed contact information
Room for multiple qualifying questions

I recently tested the performance of the two form types for a client of mine. The client was interested in lowering the cost per lead from over $5/lead to $3/lead.

They had previously been running a longer form with 7 fields of information. I suggested changing it up to a shorter form with 3 fields that only collected necessary contact information.

Here are the results from testing the two forms..





As you can see from the images above, the short form spent less money and produced more leads, clearly outperforming the longer form.In most cases, the shorter form will produce more leads at a lower cost when compared to the longer form.

Having said that, there is no set in stone method that will always work better. Performance will vary depending on your industry, what you are offering, and any number of other factors.

Test it out for yourself. You never know what will work best for your business until you try. That’s one of the fun and frustrating things about marketing. It’s like a puzzle that never stops changing.

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