I just got off the call with the freelancer and he was expressing to me all of these worries. He was worried about a competitor. He was worried about the way his proposal looked. He was worried about finishing a certain project, and I told him, “look, you’ve gotta stop worrying about all of those things. The only thing you need to worry about is solving your clients’ problems.” 

If you will shift your focus as a freelancer from all of your worries and put those onto the worries, right? Worry about the things that your clients worry about. 

It will transform your business. 

And Zig Zigler once said that you can have everything in life that you want, if you will help enough other people get what they want.

And that is so true for us as freelancers, as entrepreneurs. 

We’ve gotta shift the focus from our problems, our worries, to those of our customers, and when we do, I can promise you it will transform your business. 

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Can you relate to any of these: 

✅  Struggling from project to project 

✅  A slow trickle of inquiries about your services

✅  Your clients only seem concerned about the lowest price

✅  Not sure when or where your next project will come 

✅  Fighting for clients on freelancer marketplaces like Upwork and 99 Designs


If any of those describe you learn more about the Freelance Accelerator: 



You’ll learn how to:

✔️ Have a WAITLIST of high paying, committed clients (rather than starting from scratch each month) 

✔️ STOP fighting for mediocre projects on freelancer marketplaces (like UpWork and 99 Designs) and start becoming the GO TO CHOICE and virtually eliminate all of your competition

✔️ Have clients love your work and trust your guidance 

✔️ Position yourself to start winning large (5-figure), high-profit projects

✔️ Transition from project-to-project, to having clients on retainers paying you month after month 

✔️ Have a steady stream of leads pouring in wanting to do business with you 

✔️ Get paid 2x as much for the work you’re already doing 

✔️ Have clients thank you for the privilege of working with you

✔️ Have a strategic roadmap for scaling your business


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