13 Reasons Why No One Wants to Work Anymore

Talk to most business owners today, and you will likely hear some variation of, “no one wants to work anymore!”
So to my fellow business owners, here are 13 reasons no one wants to work anymore:
1) No Vision – You don’t have a clear vision for the future that your company is working towards.
2) Not a Compelling Vision – You have a vision, but it’s uninspiring and not compelling.
3) They Aren’t a Part of the Vision – You have a vision, it’s compelling, but they don’t see how they can be a part of bringing it to life.
4) No Personal-Visions Allowed – You have a vision, but you haven’t given them the freedom to write their own personal vision that fits within your company vision.
5) You Over Them – You are more concerned about your vision than the people who will help you bring it to life.
6) No Steps – You haven’t outlined the strategic steps needed to bring your company vision to life.
7) No Role Clarity – You haven’t clearly explained what their role and responsibilities will be in bringing the vision to life.
8} No Requirements – You haven’t detailed exactly what will be required of them in pursuit of your vision.
9) Lack of Performance Metrics – You have expectations for them, but they don’t know how their actual performance will be measured.
10) No Autonomy – You have a vision. They understand their role and have clear expectations, but you haven’t given them any autonomy in the pursuit of your vision.
11) No Self Assessment – You haven’t shown them how to quickly and easily evaluate their own performance. This leaves them guessing and unclear on how they’re doing.
12) Boring and Mundane – You haven’t made the pursuit of your vision fun and exciting.
13) It’s All About You – You don’t care about their personal goals and visions, and yet you expect them to care about yours.
Notice a pattern in the reasons no one wants to work anymore?
It’s you!
As business owners, it’s our responsibility to build business cultures that great people want to be a part of.
Sure, it’s far easier just to say, “no one wants to work anymore,” than to actually fix our mediocre cultures.
Control the controllables.
You can’t control what other people do.
But you can control the type of culture you are fostering in your business.
So to my fellow business owners, let’s stop blaming them…
and start by looking in the mirror.