3 Ingredients for Trust

 The number one reason you aren’t closing more deals as a freelancer is this, people don’t trust you. 

Research shows that 92% of consumers don’t trust companies advertising. 

Instead, they trust family and friends over that. 

So the question is how do you manufacture trust? 

The important thing you gotta remember is there are actually three ingredients when it comes to manufacturing trust for your products, for your services, for your business. 

Number one is confidence. People have to believe you. They have to believe that you are a believable person, believable business. 

Number two, competence. Can you actually do the thing that they’re hiring you to do?

And number three, benevolence. That is, do they believe that you have their best interest in heart? 

Which of these three are you gonna incorporate into your proposals to demonstrate either confidence, competence, or benevolence?