Context Switching

 Here is a proven way to get more done in the next month than you did in the previous six months. 

You’ve gotta understand this thing called context switching. 

Here’s what it looks like. 

So imagine this is your calendar, and imagine you have five different projects that you’re working on. 

The first one is your website.

You’ve gotta get a new website built. 

The next one is you have a new marketing campaign to work on. 

Next you have some office space that you need to get renovated, you need to hire some more people, and then you have a bunch of admin financial related things you gotta get done. 

So each of these is a block of time and it takes five blocks of time to complete one of these things.

So what happens is you jump from thing to thing to thing each day. 

And so at the end of week one, you have nothing done. 

Week two you go, okay, I’m gonna work on admin. 

Then I really gotta get someone hired, and then I’m gonna work on the office and now back to the website thing. And then I gotta get marketing things done.

And so you constantly go through this entire thing and you end up accomplishing nothing at the end of the month because you’re jumping from thing to thing. 

And here’s the thing about context switching. 

When you jump from task to task, project to project, you lose 20% of your time, 20% of your productivity.

The reason you lose that is because residue is left over in your head, right? 

You’re still thinking a little bit about the website that you need to work. 

Or the marketing plan that you need to work on, it takes you a minute to get back into the state, into the flow. 

So instead, here’s what you need to do.

You need to block out the time to work on one thing and focus on that one thing.

So make it website, website, website, website, website. 

Now at the end of one week you’ve completed all five blocks of time that are needed to launch the website. 

So you’ve launched the website.

Then week two, you’re gonna focus on, maybe it’s hiring, right?

So each block gets filled with hiring, and then at the end of two weeks, you know, you’ve now done a website and you’ve hired somebody. 

And you see for most of us though, we get stuck in this thing where we’re jumping from project to project and we end up getting nothing done. 

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