Feedback is the Fuel of Champions

Feedback is the fuel of champions. 

I remember when I first started ugly mug marketing. I would work on a marketing project or a web project. I would deliver it to the client, and then I was terrified of actually asking them “was the campaign effective?” or “was the website living up to the expectations that we had set at the beginning of the project?”

The reason I poured myself into this thing, and I was afraid they were gonna say it was a failure, I was afraid they were gonna call my baby “ugly.”

Maybe you can relate to that. But for us, we have to, as entrepreneurs, remove our ego. We have to seek the feedback. 

Think about the world champion athletes. What do they do? They get feedback all the time, whether that’s from a scoreboard or whether that’s from a coach, or whether that’s from a stopwatch, right? They’re getting feedback. 

So for you and for me, what are the ways that we can increase the data points, increase the number of places that we’re getting feedback so that we can make the adjustments, we can make the improvements.

So at the end of the day, we as entrepreneurs, as freelancers, can get better.