These two tubes of glue are about to teach you the most important pricing lesson you’ll probably ever learn.

Here it goes, this tube of glue right here is four ounces and it cost $4, so about a dollar an ounce.

This one is one ounce, and it costs $5 so $5 per ounce.

What is the difference between these two things?

Absolutely nothing.

The glue inside of these two tubes is the exact same.

I know this because when I was in college, I worked at this factory and actually made these glues.

They’re the exact same, but because this one says it’s for shoes and shoe repair, they are able to charge a premium price, whereas this one’s just generic. It’s generic glue.

The question for you is this, are you positioning yourself as an expert, as someone who specifically can solve problems that your prospects have?

If so, you can charge higher prices.

If you are speaking in general terms and you’re not speaking specifically to the problems that your prospects have, you will never be able to charge premium prices.

Are you a specialist who speaks directly to your clients? Are you more of a generalist? There’s not a right or wrong.



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