White Headphones

These headphones can help you transform the marketing of your business. 

Here’s how. 

You see, in 2001, when Apple came out with the iPod, there was already a lot of competition that existed in the marketplace. 

Sony dominated the small portable music space at that time with the Sony Walkman, the Sony CD player, and the Sony MP three player, and then Microsoft came out with the Zune. 

Apple really didn’t stand a chance until they started using white headphones. 

When they released their product, they used these white headphones. So anytime someone wore these out in public, everyone knew that they were carrying an Apple product.

So the question for you is, how are you creating advantages? 

What subtle things can you do? 

What can you create that enables followers, the people who love you, your customers, your clients, to spread the message that they are using your product or services?