Two Types of Problems

There are only two types of problems that you can face in your business.

The first one is a marketing problem, and the second is a fulfillment problem.

But here’s the thing, until you know which problem you have, you are going to remain stuck.

So how do you know?

Well, if you have a lack of good qualified prospects, flowing into your business, you have a marketing problem.

On the other hand, if you have customers complaining about the lead, the time it takes, or the quality of the product, or you are personally stressed out by the delivery of the thing that you do, you have a fulfillment problem.

You’ve got to get to the root cause of either of those two problems.

Once you get to the root cause, you can then put your time and attention in solving that thing, and once it’s solved, you will then begin to experience scale and growth in your business, which I know is what you’re after.