3 Books Every Freelancer Should Read

Charlie Tremendous Jones once said that in five years, your life, your business will be the exact same except for the books you read and the people you meet. 

So here are three books that I think every freelancer should read. 

The first book is this, called Fans First. 

It’s a story about how you should keep your customers number one. 

Everything should revolve around the experiences that you create regardless of what business you’re in, around your customers, around your clients. 

So that’s number one, because without customers or clients, you have no business. 

The second one is this, called Play Bigger. 

This book is about how you should not compete, how you should differentiate yourself and create a category of one. 

So it’s a really great book if you’re just getting started out and trying to figure out how to position yourself in a crowded marketplace. 

And the final one is this, Behind the Cloud. 

This is the story of the startup salesforce.com and how they actually gained position. 

Lots of creative ideas, lots of things you can do and you can implement in your own business.