Alignment v. Autonomy

When it comes to scaling your business, there are two core elements, two ingredients that you gotta have.

Number one, you have to have alignment, and number two, you have to have autonomy because you can’t have a team that thrives and grows if you’re telling them what to do all the time.

So you’ve gotta give them autonomy, but you can’t give autonomy without alignment.

Here’s what this looks like.

If you don’t have alignment, you don’t have autonomy, you’re gonna have a stagnant organization.

This is an organization that you simply cannot grow.

If you have a lot of alignment, but you don’t allow autonomy, you’re gonna have order.

But your people aren’t gonna be doing their best work because they’re not gonna have the freedom to use their gifts and abilities.

If you have a lot of autonomy, but you don’t have alignment, what you’re gonna have is chaos, right?

You’re gonna have a bunch of people going around doing the things they wanna do, but they’re not aligned around the vision, the mission, and your values.

And over here, if you have high alignment and you have high autonomy, you can then scale your business, which is what you were after.

So let me know in the comments, which of these elements do you need to work more on?

Do you need to work more on alignment or do you need to work more on autonomy?

✌ ❤