Case Studies

 If you are having a hard time closing more deals, closing more proposals, the reason is people don’t trust you. 

You see, you are at the center of this universe, and these are people who know you. 

They trust you. 

As you begin to grow your business, you move further and further degrees of separation away from people who know you, to people who are referred to you, people who don’t know you, people all across the country, maybe across the world.

And so you’ve gotta learn to manufacture trust. 

You’ve got to learn to get this trust out to these people. 

The problem is no one trusts you. 

They don’t trust me as business owners, right? 

Who do they trust? 

They trust other people. 

So we’ve gotta use testimonials and we’ve got to learn to use case studies to make this happen.

Now, when it comes to case studies, there’s three ingredients to make a strong case study. 

Number one is you’ve got to talk about the problem. 

What is the problem the person was facing before they came to you? 

Next was what was the solution that you offered to fix that problem? 

And the third ingredient, the third element is the outcome.

What was the actual outcome of the solution that you provided? 

So, use that framework, the problem, the solution, and the outcome to build your case studies.

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