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4 Pages a Website Should Have for Strong SEO

In today’s digital business landscape, marketing must adhere to digital best practices. This will include the way you build and manage your website, as well as how you handle social media channels. According to Webinar Care, about 60% of marketers say that inbound marketing represents their highest quality source of leads. The foundation of your digital inbound marketing efforts will be your website. Good website design can be directly based on the pages you include. Let’s take a look at a few of the basic pages your website needs.

1. Homepage

The first landing page that a visitor should encounter on your site will be the homepage. Consider this the virtual lobby of your business. Your homepage should include the following elements: a headline, an explanation of the product or service, links to pages and categories, and CTA. It’s also smart to include some type of social proof. This would include reviews or testimonials of those who’ve already used the services or purchased the products. This assures others that this is a reputable site.

2. About Page

An about page is also necessary as this is where you’ll introduce the company to visitors. You should take plenty of time with your about page as this is where you’ll establish a human connection with visitors and trust starts to build. You want to include information here that will make others feel that you’re relevant and that your service or product is made for them. An SEO agency will be able to make the perfect about page for your website.

3. Contact Page

You want to have a contact page that is very easy to find and easy to navigate. If a visitor struggles to find or navigate a contact page, they can easily click away if they become frustrated. You should include the physical address of the business, directions, social media links, email, phone numbers, and business hours.

4. Product and Service Pages

If you’re providing services or products, then you’ll also want to have easy-to-navigate product or service pages. These pages should feature clear attractive images, concise descriptions, and transparent pricing. Make sure that product or service pages navigate easily to payment portals so that visitors who are ready to become customers don’t get frustrated and click away. An SEO agency can help you with building the perfect service and product pages.

These are just a few of the pages you should include for your website to ensure you have a strong SEO presence online. If you’re looking for an SEO agency to help you with your marketing efforts, please contact Ugly Mug Marketing today.