Developing Your Team

Developing your team can be one of the most challenging or one of the most rewarding things in your business. 

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Now, here’s how to make it the most rewarding. 

Step number one is you have to focus on the relationship. 

Your team members need to know that you care about them outside of work, that you’re invested in their lives outside of the work environment.

Next is you need to push them into discomfort. 

Now, they’re not gonna allow you to push them into discomfort if they don’t believe that you have their best interest at heart. 

And the final one is comfort. 

You need to allow them to go back to a place of comfort. 

We’re looking to blend these three things together to get this sweet spot.

Here’s the thing, when you go to the gym and you lift weights, you don’t actually grow your muscles when you’re in discomfort, when you’re lifting weight, your muscles actually grow during comfort. 

But they can’t grow if you aren’t first in discomfort. 

And so the same is true about your team members and the people on your team.

You’ve got to build that relationship. 

They have to know that you’re in this and that you’re invested in their personal best interest, and then you can push them into discomfort and allow them the space to recover and grow.