Marketing Defined

Do you actually know what marketing is? 

All too often I find people confuse marketing with advertising. They use those two things interchangeably, and they’re not, they’re not interchangeable. 

Advertising is merely a piece or a component of your marketing system. 

So what then is marketing? 

Marketing is your ability to attract and to keep a customer. But you don’t wanna just keep a customer. You want to actually convert that customer into an evangelist for your business. 

Here’s what I say in the book, Full Circle Marketing, “Far too many entrepreneurs and marketers mistakenly believe that getting people to the customer stage is the ultimate goal of business. That is not true. Getting people to pull out their wallets and give you money in exchange for your product or service is certainly worth celebration. But wise marketers understand that this is merely the beginning of an entirely new and far more important process, and that is converting ordinary customers into evangelists.”

So my question for you is, do you have a system in place that converts ordinary customers into evangelists?