12 Week Year

Here’s how this book, The 12 Week Year, transformed our business and how it can do the same for you and your company. 

So The 12 Week Year, the whole premise, or the whole idea behind the book is this, that when we set annual goals or 12 month goals, the problem is that so far in the future that we and our team tend to procrastinate.

We put all of the things that we should be working on today because it seems like we have such a long time to work on those things. 

Then as the end of those 12 months approach, what happens is, we get so overwhelmed by all the work that still needs to be done that we simply give up. 

He teaches that we should break the 12 month year into 12 weeks.

So we see every 12 weeks as if it’s an entire year. 

So we have goals based on 12 weeks, not 12 months. 

When you do this, what happens is it forces you to stay focused and to dive into the work that matters today. Because you cannot wait. You cannot procrastinate because in only 12 weeks your goal, the thing you’re aiming towards is done and ready.

So I highly recommend this book for teams, and if you believe that your team could benefit from it, pick up a copy.

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