Marketing Rock

This rock made our company more than $1 million. It’s a true story, and I’m gonna tell you exactly how. 

You see, this smooth little rock actually has a secret message on the other side. It says, effective marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, and then it’s got our web address. 

Now, we used to leave these rocks all over town, anywhere that entrepreneurs, business owners would hang out. And when they would read this message immediately, they would think about the fact that they were running television, radio, print, billboards, whatever it is that they were doing. And yet this rock had more of an impact on them than anything else they had seen, anything else they had experienced on their own.

So my question for you is this, do you have a rock in your business? 

Do you have something that immediately causes you and your business to stand out from every single other person? 

If not, spend a few minutes right now jotting down a few ideas on how you can cut through the noise, you can cut through the clutter and you can stand out.