Prices Too High

If people aren’t regularly complaining about your prices being too high, then your prices are too low.

Look, if you’re a freelancer and you don’t hear that complaint, that sticker shock when people hear or see your proposal, then your prices are too low and you’re undermining your value. 

Imagine that I came to you and I said, “look, I’ve got a brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom parked outside. I’m gonna sell it to you for $50,000.” 

What would you think about that Rolls Royce? 

You would immediately think something must be wrong with it. Why in the world would a Rolls Royce be so cheap? 

The same thing happens when you price your services. 

If you price too low, what happens is people begin to question, can you deliver? Is your product, is your service actually worth what it is that you’re asking?

They question you even more. 

But if I were to come to you and say, I’ve got a Rolls Royce parked outside, that’s $350,000, we then have a completely different conversation. 

We have a conversation around why the Rolls-Royce is worth that kind of money, and who are the people that are willing to pay that kind of money.

So if you’re a freelancer and you’re not hearing that your prices are too high, it’s time to increase your pricing.