Wrong Systems

This is why most entrepreneurs fail when it comes to creating systems for their business. 

Here’s what they do. 

They look around and they see other businesses that are doing things well, and they try to copy the systems or the processes that they have in place. 

That would be like me coming to you and saying, “hey, we’re gonna build the world’s best car.”

So what do we do? 

We go get the frame from a Volvo because it’s very safe, very secure. We then get the interior maybe from Mercedes because it’s comfortable, it’s luxurious. We get the engine from Lamborghini. Lamborghini’s got a great engine. We get the transmission from BMW or whoever it may be. 

And so what happens when we put all of these best quote unquote systems and things together, we don’t end up with a car that works. We end up with a Frankenstein. 

We end up with a car that doesn’t even work because none of the pieces, none of the components were designed to go together. 

So be careful when you’re building out your systems and processes for your business that you’re ensuring that they’ve been pre-engineered. In other words, you understand how all the systems are gonna fit together so that in the end, everything functions smoothly and you get the results that you’re after.