They Don’t Trust You As A Freelancer

The number one reason you aren’t closing more proposals is because they simply don’t trust you.

Here are two reasons why.

☝ They don’t trust that you are gonna deliver on what you say you’re gonna deliver.

✌ They don’t trust that the product, the service, the thing that you’re providing them is going to be a benefit.

There’s one way that you can overcome this.  And that is what I call R I A. Results in Advance.

The more that you can demonstrate the results that they’re gonna experience from your product or service that you provide them, the more likely they are to move forward.

Now, here are a few ways you can remove the risk from them.

☝ If you are a graphic designer, you could do some graphics ahead of time and give them to them to show them the benefit and the value of what it is that you do. If you’re a website designer, do a mock for them. If you’re a photographer, maybe go by and take a picture of the front of their building and send it to them.

✌ Use case studies to demonstrate the ability to get results for people just like them.