$5 VS. $20

What is the difference between a $5 bill and a $20 bill? 

They’re both printed on the same exact paper. They both have the same color ink. They both have photos on them. They both have this little strip that runs through the paper for security things.

People have to make decisions on something’s value, and the question is for you and your business, what are those things that they’re making that decision based on? 

People are always looking for cues and clues as of what value to assign to certain things, and so think about it, what indicates whether you are a $5 freelancer or a $20 freelancer?

What makes those cues? 

What are those cues for them? 

What are the things they’re looking for? 

You need to engineer every component so that you meet and exceed what they’re expecting around those cues.

It could be the way that you submit the proposal. 

It could be your email signature. 

It could be the way that you answer the phone. 

It could be the way you show up to meetings. 

All of those things are cues and clues. Make sure that you know what is important to them and that you are delivering.

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