#1 Question for Client Relationships

This is what I call the magic question when it comes to actually turning ordinary customers into long-term customers for your business, and that is this.

“Mr. And Ms. Client, what is the one thing that I can do to improve the way that I serve you?” 

So when you ask that question to your clients, and when you ask them that on a regular basis, what you’re doing is you’re positioning yourself not from a doer of a thing, right?

Not from the builder of the website, the doer of the graphic design or whatever it is that you do. 

You’re positioning yourself as a partner who wants to serve them, who wants to help them accomplish their goals, their mission, or whatever it is that they’re up to. 

So make a schedule and ask your clients that question on a regular basis. 

“What’s the one thing that I can do to better serve you?” 

When you ask that question, watch how long your customers stick around. 

I think you’ll be surprised by how long they stay with you because you’re no longer just a vendor. 

You’re a trusted partner.