Put People Last

 Put people last. 

That may be one of the most contrary things you’ve ever heard, but as you develop yourself as a leader, we have to learn this lesson that we need to put people last.

You see, it was Peter Drucker who discovered that 95% of the problems in business aren’t actually people problems.

They’re one of three things. 

They are either an operations problem, right, a systems problem, or number two, they could be a training problem, or number three, they could be a management or leadership problem. 

So it’s never really a people problem. 

So for us as leaders, what we must do is we must learn to put people last when a problem occurs or when someone does something that makes us wrong.

We, instead of getting furious, we need to get curious. 

We need to discover which of those three areas, was it a management problem, a leadership problem, was an operations or a system problem? Or finally, was it actually a training problem? 

When furious, get curious, this one thing can transform the way you lead your team.