Trust vs. Suspicion

 Where should you start with training new people on your team? 

I believe you should start with this. 

It’s trust. 

You need to teach them that when they give their word, when they commit to have something done, they create a gap. 

So when I give my word that I’m gonna have something done or something over to you, there’s this gap between when I said I was gonna do the thing and when I deliver the thing.

And it’s in that gap that you and I, we get to fill that gap with either trust or suspicion. 

So if I give my word and I don’t live up to that word, I don’t fulfill that word, you are naturally gonna feel that next time with suspicion. 

But for us as leaders, what we need to default and we need to have this conversation with new team members, is that we are going to default to trust, which is hard for some of us to do, myself included, but we’re gonna default to trust.

And over time, it’s our job to let them know the things that they’re doing that aren’t building trust, that are building suspicion. 

So when you onboard someone to begin your conversation around this idea that trust is the foundation, and each time you give your word, you have the ability to either build more trust or to build more suspicion.


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