3 Lessons From Full Circle Marketing

I’m gonna share three lessons with you from my book, Full Circle Marketing.

Lesson number one is this, your results, the results you’re currently getting from your marketing are a reflection of the marketing system that you have in place. So if you don’t like the results you’re getting, don’t complain about the results, complain about the system that you have in place. Or maybe you don’t have a great system in place, so therefore you need to create a marketing system.

Lesson number two is that every single marketing piece only has one goal, and that goal is to move people one step closer to a purchase decision. That is what marketing is all about. So make sure that you are clearly giving each marketing campaign a specific objective. Identify where you want them to move that person. In other words, do you want to move them from a stranger to a friend or from a friend to a customer? What is the step that you want them to take?

And the third lesson is that your brand is not what you believe to be true. It’s what other people believe to be true. So it doesn’t matter what you or I think as business owners, and marketers, what matters is what other people think.