Stop Worrying

Stop worrying about what your customers and your clients think about you. 

Instead, you need to focus on this one thing, but first, here’s a story. 

In 1874, during the election, Benjamin Disraeli and his political opponent, William Gladstone, both went on a date with the same lady within the same week. 

When the reporters found out about this, they asked her for an interview and they said to her, what was it like to go to dinner with these two gentlemen? 

She said, when I left dinner with Mr. Gladstone, I left believing he was the most intelligent, the cleverest man in all of England. 

But when I left dinner with Mr. Disraeli, I left believing that I was the cleverest and most intelligent lady in all of England.

You see the difference for you and me is this – we should be less concerned about the way our clients feel about us, and more concerned about the way we make our clients feel about themselves.