A Proven Process for Successful Events

Here’s our proven process when it comes to event planning: 

CREATE: So you have a big event coming up, but where do you even start? We’ll help ease any overwhelming feelings by being alongside you during these initial decisions.

HARMONIZE: Caterer. Photographer. Event center. Speakers and presenters. Sound and media. When it comes to an event, there are so many moving pieces and tons of vendors to make it all happen. We orchestrate ALL OF THE THINGS to ensure your vision comes to life and your guests have a wonderful experience.

EXECUTE: Remember the movie The Wedding Planner (2001)? Think of Jennifer Lopez’s character walking around “backstage” before the wedding, and she’s just troubleshooting problem after problem without skipping a beat. That’s us. We actually THRIVE in these situations. Anyone can throw a decent event together, but it’s our troubleshooting and focus on the micro details that make us different.

REPORT: How many attendees actually showed up? What did they think about the event? What worked well? What didn’t work? How should we change it for next time? We send out attendee surveys and meet with the various vendors and team members to put together a full report so we can continue to improve event after event.

“Y’all thought of everything. Literally. Everything. So many details. And you nailed them all. It felt seamless, and your team was everywhere and so helpful and so nice. The speakers all told me numerous times that this was hands down THE BEST conference they have ever attended, and their hospitality was indescribable. I feel like they would attend to be attendees just because it was that good.”—Past event planning client

Interested in working with Ugly Mug Marketing and want to chat more about how we can work alongside you for your next event? You can simply send an email to hanna@uglymugmarketing.com, and we’ll schedule some time for a chat.