What’s the deal with Educational Marketing?

For Wesley Watkins, owner of Watkins Group: Insurance & Benefits Specialists, it’s the driving force behind each marketing strategy. Clients want to know that “they can call a guy who has the answers.”
“When it comes to educational marketing, we’re dealing with content. And that’s not always straightforward or easy for marketing agencies.
But Ugly Mug makes it happen… I don’t have to invent the wheel; they invent the wheel, and I can just look down from 100 feet, make a few tweaks, then roll it out… I wouldn’t trust any other [agency].
…When you talk about marketing, it’s really the representation of my company. Through media, through print, whatever vehicle it may be. And I’m a walking billboard. Ugly Mug does a good job of marketing their own clients. If we’re marketing who we are in the community, others in the community may eventually want to be a part of that.” – Wesley Watkins
From the get-go, Wesley told us he’s “not a billboard guy.” We’re all about learning WHAT WORKS for our clients and their industry, and we’ve enjoyed the anti-billboard challenge (no hate to the billboards—there’s a time and place!).
What could educational marketing look like for your business?
✅ Informational Youtube videos
✅ Industry-relevant tips on social media
✅ Articles/ email newsletters about what’s trending
✅ Seminars catering to our clients’ needs
✅ Other holistic resources that position our clients as the “go-to” for their industry!
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