The Hiring Checklist

Have you noticed HELP WANTED signs everywhere you go?
It is estimated that 23% of people will quit their jobs this year. That’s right, almost 1 in 4 people will QUIT this year!
There are lots of theories as to what’s to blame for this Great Resignation.
To name a few:
▪️Toxic culture
▪️Low pay
▪️Lack of opportunity
There are lots of cons to this crisis, but let’s look at the positive together. A lot of great people are actively searching for a job, you just have to make them want to apply to work WITH YOU!
One of the best ways to attract candidates is using a tool you probably already have, your website!
What if I told you your website could do all of this for you?!
✔Attract job seekers
✔Attract the RIGHT kind of job seekers
✔Convince people to apply
✔Streamline your hiring process
✔Keep applications rolling in
That’s right, your website CAN do that! And I want to help you ensure it will.
In my training video, I walk you through 5 ways your website is hindering you from hiring. I also want to give you a FREE hiring checklist and website review. I will personally email you a few tips on how you can tweak your website to keep applications rolling in.
To get the exclusive checklist and website review, go to the link below and fill out the short form!