Podcast Roundup – Pt. 6

Howdy Friends 🤠
Here is your September podcast roundup!
✌️Alex’s Recommendation: Entiversal: Simon Sinek. What is Leadership, How to Be a Great Leader & Game Theory.
“This episode focuses on 2 things that great leaders need to have: Empathy & Perspective. Many folks move into management positions because they were good at the job they were doing, not because of how great of leaders they are. At times, folks are so concerned about status or the numbers, they forget about the human beings they work with. Being able to show your team that you have empathy and care about them as human beings, and partnering that with showing that you have the perspective of the shoes they are in”
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✌️Heather’s Recommendation: How I Built This with Guy Raz
“If you love to know how people, companies, and ideas get started this is a fantastic podcast”
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✌️Peyton’s Recommendation: Marketing Made Simple Podcast by Dr. J.J. Peterson
“I love this podcast because it provides you with actionable steps on how to be more creative, innovative, and consistent in your marketing ideas. The podcast also provides you with solutions to some super common problems that arise when it comes to Marketing.”
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Happy listening friends 🤠