Attracting vs. Keeping

One of the most important marketing questions you can ask yourself is this, how much of my budget is spent attracting customers versus how much is spent keeping customers? 

And there’s a very important distinction between those two. 

On one side: Turning strangers and friends and friends into customers or clients.

The other side: Keeping and converting your clients into evangelists for you. 

So as you grow your business, you need to begin moving more and more money from the attraction side, from the side where you’re trying to get new people to find out about you, into converting your existing clients into evangelists for you.

When you do that, it will drastically change the effects and the results that you get from your marketing because it’s no longer dependent on you. Instead, it’s dependent on all your evangelists telling their friends about how great it is to work with you.

You can find my video on Attracting VS. Keeping here!