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3 Secrets From SEO Agencies to Boost Your Brand

According to Webinar Care, inbound marketing, like blogs and SEO strategies, provide high-quality leads per 60% of the marketers that were polled. If it feels like your company’s SEO is floundering, it’s time to take action. Any company that wants to have a robust online presence needs to have an effective SEO strategy. These three secrets can help you implement SEO that gets results!

1. Choose the Most Relevant and Impactful Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are the engines that run an overall SEO strategy. You need to know what it is that you want your SEO efforts to deliver in order to manage their effectiveness. For example, if you’re looking for website visits, it makes sense to monitor page visit numbers. But, if it’s conversions you’re after, you’ll want to monitor those metrics. If the average time that a visitor stays on a page isn’t hugely relevant to your efforts, continue to monitor that metric but pay more attention to those that will move the needle.

2. Integrate Long-Tail Keywords Into Your Overall SEO Strategy

There are different types of keyword searches that customers use depending on where they are on their buying journey. Top SEO agencies recommend that companies use long-tail keywords that are typically employed by consumers near the end of their searches when they are ready to buy. These can be discovered through a keyword search and should definitely be incorporated into your overall SEO strategy.

3. Keep Tabs on Your Competitors

Many SEO agencies ask their clients to give them a list of their top competitors. This may seem like an odd request at first, but it really is a good one. It’s important to know what your competitors are up to. If they are ranked higher than you in searches, you’ll want to find out why. Don’t copy everything that they do, but their success can give you insight into what’s working with your target market.

The game of SEO is one that’s constantly evolving. Don’t think that what worked last year will continue to work in this one. Make sure that you are monitoring your SEO results and making changes as necessary. Without a clear strategy, you aren’t likely to get results. Working with a specialized agency, like us here at Ugly Mug Marketing, is an effective way to ensure that you are getting the results you want and need. Get in touch with us today!