Lessons From Company of One: Slow Growth

Here’s a lesson from this book called Company of One. 

The lesson is this, that slow growth is okay growth. 

You see, we live in this society, we live in this world where there’s constant pressure on us as entrepreneurs, as freelancers to grow quickly, right? 

There’s magazines that brag about the fastest growing companies. The covers of magazines are covered by entrepreneurs with stories who sound like they’re fairy tales, right? 

They started with nothing and overnight they’re magical success. 

But the lesson is very, very powerful that we need to be okay with slow growth. 

You see, Kauffman Foundation went and did a study where they studied the Inc 5,000.

They waited eight years after a company made the list and they went and surveyed these companies, and what they discovered was shocking. Nearly two thirds of the companies on the Inc 5,000 after eight years, were no longer in business. 

You see, in our effort to grow quickly, sometimes we violate fundamentals.

We lose our way. 

We forget the priorities that we once had. 

So slow growth is okay growth.