Resources, Processes, and Priorities

 Hey, are you a freelancer? 

This is the thing that’s going to prevent you from actually growing your business. 

You see, it’s very counterintuitive, but the things that actually enable you to grow initially will prevent you from growing later as you continue to grow and scale your business. 

Here’s what this looks like.

You see, as you begin, you have resources. So this will be your time, your money, your attention, your energy. Those are the resources that you have early on, and from those you begin to develop processes. 

So processes  in terms of the way you do what you do, and then those lead to the priorities. What are the priorities that you have as a freelancer? And so as you go through these things, you grow your business by doing this. But when you start growing and adding team members, you have to start here. 

You have to start with priorities. And those priorities then define the processes that you need in order to lead your team, to direct your team and have your team grow. 

And then finally, within those processes, you allocate the resources, the time, the budget, the material. 

So think counterintuitively in order to keep growing your business as a freelancer.


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✅ Struggling from project to project

✅ A slow trickle of inquiries about your services

✅ Your clients only seem concerned about the lowest price

✅ Not sure when or where your next project will come

✅ Fighting for clients on freelancer marketplaces like Upwork and 99 Designs

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